Wednesday thoughts


1. weaker cold blasts next week and around the 20th bulk of cold holds serve till turkey day, by the way the gfs has a white turkey day for the region, in the air at least and the fantasy storm is gone. This arctic air comes from straight from the north pole and the models have little clue. today’s 2 ECMWF runs are an example the morning run has another indian summer period the next one a fierce arctic blast for day 10.  
2. saturday’s rain chances looking smaller and smaller as the ridge tears this system up
3. rain more likely early next week and models flirt with mixed precip though i suspect a close miss.


2 Responses to “Wednesday thoughts”

  1. Seth Says:

    Hey Mitch,

    Is it the southeastern ridge you’re talking about that occurs with strong LaNinas or is it another kid of ridge?

    Regardless, any clue as when it will break down for good?


  2. mitchg Says:

    seth, Southeastern ridge it should be back with full force this winter. We have a few weeks opening opening for winter here early through christmas then the ridge builds in.

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