Labor day weekend forecast


Let’s start in the tropics first. Well unfortunately my thoughts on Hurricane Earl’s track shifting west looks to pan out and move just off the east coast. This will likely bring tropical storm conditions to eastern north Carolina and southeast new England with hurricane conditions for the outer banks and cape cod.  However any more shifts in the expected track  could lead to changes with this forecast.

2.  A strong cold front will begin to spread some clouds into the region on Thursday with the strong ridge starting to break down a bit. On the backside of the high we will have southerly flow once again with highs  in the mid 80’s to 90.  

3. On Friday the front slams through the region  with much needed scattered showers and storms mainly in the morning and much cooler weather thanks to northerly advection and a source air mass from Canada. Highs should be near 80 with low to mid 80’s east as the front is slower to arrive Friday after morning lows in the upper 60’s.  This will likely only provide little if any drought relief  for western portions of the state.

4. Saturday our region will be firmly in the cooler airmass and with northerly advection even with plenty of sunshine we should stay in the 70’s for temps with lows in the 50’s, maybe a spot or two below 50 both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

5. Another return to southerly advection and more ridging by Sunday which means summer will quickly return with highs cracking 80 Sunday and into the mid and upper 80’s Monday. No rain is expected either day.


3 Responses to “Labor day weekend forecast”

  1. mitchg Says:

    this from the nws……
    Severe weather was relatively sparse this summer

    really???????????? I have to strongly disagree with this statement it has the last few weeks but the first part of the summer was filled with it.

  2. mitchg Says:

    latest nino outlook: strong la nina for the winter over the moderate i had thought in my early winter thoughts.

  3. mitchg Says:

    going to lower low temperatures into the 45-49 degree range for most of us tonight provided winds turn light. bwg should stay near 50.

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