Moderate Drought Western Kentucky


This week portions of Western Kentucky are moving into moderate drought. The rainfall events we have had sinceMay have been have been less frequent than normal but the number of extremely heavy events is above normal in the Bowling Green region but not just to our west. Areas of the bluegrass region also have to be monitored for abnormally dry conditions as Lexington has had only .58 inches of rain for the month. Rainfall Sunday and Monday though scattered may help a bit, otherwise the deficit will increase by .15 each day. Without the May flood event the entire region would likely be in a moderate to severe drought today.


One Response to “Moderate Drought Western Kentucky”

  1. mitchg Says:

    1. tropical updates is the last post , i did two posts yesturday
    2. operational models are coming around to my further west ideas with earl which is not good news for capes hatteras and cod as now tropical storm condtions appear very possible in those two places.
    3. watch for fiona to undercut the ridge by hitting the southeast coast then moving west, this has potential to give us some rain here in ky by the middle of next week. this mornings canadaian run showed this well.

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