dry streak over the bluegrass will continue


For our southern counties near bwg a heavy thunderstorms have kept rainfall close to normal, however it looks very likely Lexington will only see a total of .58 inches of rain for the month. The Louisville area has a deficit for the month but not anywhere close to the extent of Lexington. However you folks in the Jackson are think is nonsense as you have a surplus for the month. We will all dry out this week as a very strong ridge builds over the great lakes region positioning itself just to our northeast.

A: This means southerly flow will be the rule by the weekend but with the strong high pressure leading to sinking air not favorable for afternoon cloud  and convection formation just a slight increase in humidity.

B: This chilly shot of air will feel good tonight (Thu) I don’t see any reason we don’t get into the 50’s regionwide tonight as dewpoints are already that low and 850 temps aren’t indicating lows over 60. Friday should be another sunny day with highs from 79-85.

C: For Saturday and Sunday highs will range from 83-89 across the state with more sun and very few clouds. No fronts which could bring chances of rain are in sight on any of the modeling through early next week. Highs Monday and Tuesday should top 90 again regionwide.

D: I’ll update this weekend on the tropics and some long-range thoughts. Right now Danielle is turning out to sea and Earl is a little more concern to the east coast.

E: Hopefully the weather here will get active soon or else it may turn out like this movie airplane.  

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2 Responses to “dry streak over the bluegrass will continue”

  1. mitchg Says:

    considering adding chance of showers/storms for sunday-monday looking @ the afternoon nam. The autopilot may be a jinx for those wanting rain-free weather.

  2. mitchg Says:

    from the nws….

    Louisville has seen temperatures in the 80s or above for 99 consecutive days. This is a new record, eclipsing the old record set during the period from June 2 to September 6, 1953. The forecast for the next 7 days keeps Louisville above 80 degrees each day as well.

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