Storm recap week of July15th-22nd


Storms in the early Morning hours July 16th

Map of 100716_rpts's severe weather reports

radar recap July 16th

this was the first mcs in this period to move the midwest into Kentucky mainly impacting western and central portions of the state with scattered reports of wind damage in the early morning hours sunday with trees and power lines down in several regions. The outflow boundary from this mcs provided for additional storms over southern ky later that day.

July 17th

spc reports

Map of 100717_rpts's severe weather reports

Another early morning period of strong storms this time unexpected fired along 1-64 from Louisville to Lexington and moved northeast. later that afternoon more discrete cells and some storm clusters fired along the front these were slow movers with gusty winds and flash flooding, this day the community of Shelbyville was hard hit.

July 18th

Map of 100718_rpts's severe weather reports

A squall line of thunderstorms formed along a morning mcs system early in the afternoon  this line redeveloped over southern KY after dissipating somewhat over the 1-65 area.The limiting factor this day was the amount of cloud cover ahead of the line.

July 19th

A mcd became better organized in the afternoon to our northwest rapidly sweeping across Kentucky into the evening. Numerous reports of wind damage occurred across the region with 6 injuries  at the bluegrass fair. the Kentucky mesonet recorded several of the strong wind gusts over 50 mph with doppler radar estimating some of the gusts near 70 mph. Once again this was another controversal day for the spc which did not issue a watch in regions that saw these top winds and injuries occurred on Monday . Several regions also flooding rains where clusters of storms moved over the same locations particularly the southern portions of the Lexington metro. This complex was aided by a particularly unstable airmass with cape values over 3000 and LI values approaching -10.

Map of 100719_rpts's severe weather reports

July 20th

Map of 100720_rpts's severe weather reports

although reports of severe weather were isolated several clusters of storms formed across northern Kentucky that afternoon after the northwest  portion of the region saw another mcs. These clusters moved over northeast Kentucky all night with some locations south of Maysville getting 8 inches of rain from this. The city of Morehead was placed under two tornado warnings as well along with a few northern ky counties. This was due to increased shear and helicity values  across the region which allowed for some storms to develop rotation.  Even with these factors in place and a confirmed tornado outside of our region another controversal discion was made by the spc not to issue a tornado watch.

July 21st

Once again the severe reports were limited however an mcs trained over south central Kentucky that afternoon after moving the bluegrass in the morning. Numerous reports of flooding occurred just north of the Bowling Green metro.


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