heat returns regionwide today


1. blame the spc not the nws if blame is to be assigned.

If you thought yesterday’s storms caught people off guard, that is true the mcs which produced the widespread reports of wind damage across the region was moving due east through noon then quickly hooked southeast increasing our impact. In my view the NWS did a good job issuing warnings and having detailed discussions and updates on this event. I know some of you out their are quick to point the finger in that direction but there not to blame. The storm prediction center in Norman OK issues the watches and issues updates for severe weather for the entire nation. yesterday with the mcs moving into KY and a very unstable atmosphere in place clearly favorable for maintaining or further development no watch was issued. A watch would have given the region a few hours heads up on the upcoming band of storms. Overall at least two dozen counties had warnings with over a dozen reports of severe weather. Finally by the time it moved into se KY a discussion was issued by this agency calling for isolated severe weather across eastern ky. So If you have to blame someone go after spc on this one you have a much stronger argument that more could have been done on there end for our region. Of course saying this I’m nowhere close to perfect and had the mcs staying north yesterday a miss on my part but as soon as I reached the conclusion around noon this thunderstorm complex was diving southeast an update was issued with a suggested watch area.

2. heat advisory east ky today. Once again heat index values will average around 100 with highs well into the 90’s today and Wednesday. I’ll be watching radars to the north to see if another cluster turns southeast but even with yesterday’s miss I still feel most of the thunderstorms will stay to our north, chances are about 30%.

3. A little cooler with scattered storms for Thursday.


2 Responses to “heat returns regionwide today”

  1. mitchg Says:

    a cluster of storms over ill starting to show signs of turning more south a but a severe thunderstorm wathc not to far northwest of louisville will monitor this afternoon. much better handle by spc today getting a watch out.

  2. mitchg Says:

    shear values are a but higher in southern indiana now than yesturday may allow for soem rotation with these storms.

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