mcs’s galore this week???


In short a mcs is large complex of thunderstorms that can cover a large area, produce hvy rains and widespread severe weather. We could have several of these track over the region for Tuesday into Thursday.

1. Monday will be sunny and nice thanks to glancing shot of Canadian air highs most places won’t hit 80 with dewpoints in the 50’s. Breath in the fresh cool air and get outside.

2. By Tuesday a warm front will approach the region and we’ll track mcs 1 from along the front which will lead to an increase Tuesday afternoon with highs still only in the upper 70’s to 80. By late in the afternoon this should approach areas north of 1-64 and track along the ky/oh line from the late afternoon into the early evening. gusty winds, hail and hvy rains are possible from any mcs.

00z nam timeline of mcs 1

Tuesday dinnertime

mcs 2 forms to  our west as the first one heads into WV.

nam overnight Tuesday night

This mcs could move directly over the region overnight Tuesday night. Once again gusty winds, small hail and hvy rain are possible.

3. The main front will be in place Wednesday with the reformation of Thunderstorms likely with lows in the 60’s and highs near 80 again. some limited instability may once again lead to the potential for some strong to severe storms.

4. Another mcs may influence our weather on thursday as well. I’ll have updates on any forecast changes or thoughts as the week unfolds it will be an active one.


One Response to “mcs’s galore this week???”

  1. mitchg Says:

    the storm is no longer tornadic.

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