Showers Showers and More Showers


That’s the theme for this week as several low pressure systems move through the plains this week.

1. Tuesday the first low moves into the plains bringing with a band of showers which tracks west to east across the region in the afternoon and may last into Wednesday morning. The region will see southerly flow ahead of these lows so even with cloudcover lows should be well in the 40’s with highs near 60. The showers should become more scattered Wednesday afternoon.

2. The next low system moves into Kansas once again bringing northward lots of moisture which arrives in the form of a steady rain early Thursday ending by thursday night a rumble of thunder is possible as well, however with considerable clouds instability should be limited. Again warm air is also coming north so i think many of us top 60 again.

3. This low cuts off and moves very slowly east for Friday and Saturday as a result the flow will switch to nw with the continued likelihood of rain showers in the region. Temperatures will be much colder in the upper 30’s for lows with highs in the low 50’s Friday and only in the mid 40’s Saturday. These periods of rain may end as some high elevation wet snow at night during the weekend. Sunday will be very similar to Saturday.

Let’s take a look at the gfs timeline for rainy periods

Tuesday pm showery period

Thursday rainy period

weekend rainy period with a raw nw flow

We do need the rain as many areas are over 2 inches below normal for the year!!!! Not fun for my spring break though.



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