snow to clip southern and southeastern ky overnight


the gfs clips southern and southeastern ky with light snow tomorrow morning. With temperatures near or above 32 accumulations should be at 1.5 inch max for the far se with .15 qpf snow will accumulate mainly on grassy surfaces late tonight and tomorrow morning. Areas from Bowling Green east to Somerset may see a dusting with areas even further se with the higher accums such as Pikeville. I should note the latest RUC run keeps all qpf out of KY.

gfs model

temperatures should warm well into the 30’s meaning this system will most likely be the biggest letdown of the year in my view( rememeber 8 days ago we had  good model agreemeent for a 6-10 snow, this was the grand finale!) but for those of you in the Pikeville and Whitesburg you may still salvage an inch or so of wet snow.

here is the radar to track the precip tomorrow

Southern Mississippi Valley sector loop

 I will update tommorow morning if snow is in progress.

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