short term: winter weather advisory north and east (added long range)


sorry for the lack of info on this system it has been a long week and this system crept up on me. Basically a piece of the nor-easter is breaking off and heading southwest through the region as it gets further away from the main low this shield of mainly snow should weaken as moves from northeast to southwest. A steady snow will move in for areas ne of e-town tonight and diminish to scattered snow showers which will persist through Sunday with a little  upslope flow later this weekend into the mix as well.  precip will be lighter further sw and may mix with rain in the afternoons.


Central Great Lakes sector loop

 the models are putting out some decent qpf with this

above: nam below; gfs

snow map through the weekend

slick spots will be possible with temps going below freezing with low in the 20’s and highs in the mid 30’s most places to 40 southwest.

long range

we still have cold weather in place and another chance for snow on tuesday with the thinking the air will be cold enough aloft to support all snow statewide. The models are coming further north but i still see the potential for another northward shift. right now Tuesday would another snow shower/ steady light snow event with a lot of 1’s and a 3 or two for the high end totals.


One Response to “short term: winter weather advisory north and east (added long range)”

  1. mitchg Says:

    models showing a warm-up around the 9th for a few days!!!

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