advisories in effect through late this morning


the nws has issued winter weather advisories for the most of the areas I outlined for a coating to 2 inches of snow, ( ne of a e-town to Somerset line) I still expect this to be true with most places close to the coating. The o ne exception is the far se counties bordering Virgina that are under a winter storm warning where some heavier snow showers moved through totals higher than 2 inches can be found there. look out for slick spots on roadways with temps below freezing.  snow showers will be likely till about noontime due to this upper level disturbance.


Central Great Lakes sector loop

looking ahead don’t expect another weekend like last as i will have toadd  a snow shower chance with wind and cold for the weekend. Wednesday’s euro runs which i think is the correct solution for next week have southern and se ky possibly getting clipped by light snow late Tuesday, so I haven’t given up yet.

A few days ago we took at a look at the AO which was expected to rise and led me to think milder times are ahead by the 15th. Well the expected rise in this teleconnection is not expected to be as much now which is an indicator old man winter may be stubbornly in place till the third week of March.


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