A break before winter’s grand finale


Overall the next few days do look warmer with the passage of the low to our north through Monday. BWG which had a forecast of 42 from the nws thursday for sunday now is well up to the 50’s, my stormtopper forecast released Thu had 50 8 warmer than the nws will still bust by about 10* as highs should reach 60 Sunday for southern ky. We’ll be in the 50’s today with a fairly sunny and mild day for Feb. Rain Monday changes to flurries for Tue-Thu with another cold shot. The secondary looks weaker today which means it does go south of us but merges into the first low over new england which locks the trough up a bit preventing northward movement which,sets-up a very favorable storm track with our Mar 1 storm that all of the models have now, so there’s no talk about storm or no storm. I really like where the models are going for the first few days of March and this may be the grand finale we all have been looking for as storms like the one in 1993 and 2008 to some extent come into play as analog storms. We have a very nice weekend before rain Sunday night  and a cold blast with a east coast storm setting up the first few days of March. For day-to-day details check out the 14 day forecast. MY PRELIMIARY SPRING/SUMMER FORECAST WILL BE ISSUED BY LATE TOMMOROW.

Oh one more thing I’m putting up a nice fireworks show for 50,000 vistors, thank you all for making this a very successful source for weather information!!!!!

hopefully by march 5 we’ll be describing the storm in question as a much bigger fireworks show.


2 Responses to “A break before winter’s grand finale”

  1. Michael S Says:

    Winter is over folks…time to move along to something else

  2. tommy Says:

    no winter must keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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