not to many changes



we’re tracking the clipper tonight acorss hte state which will spread a band of snow from west to east across the state likely starting after midnight in most places here is my updated snow map.

– the snow is starting as rain in the south and will change to snow before seeing a dry slot thus totals kept to 2-3 for southern and even some of central ky. A band of of heavier snow will track just north of the upper low with totals from 6-10 where up to .5 liquid may fall, colder there so higher ratios. steayd snow overnight and monday morning with backlash snow and snow showers as winds increase. temps will also fall into into the 20’s making roads hazardus for the am commute.

long term

– the euro weekies on friday indicate a cold pattern of temps 5-10 below normal continuing into mid march, we also still have more storms to go this winter the one of most promise now is the 23rd-25th system.


3 Responses to “not to many changes”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Disappointment once again for Somerset. I don’t say this with any malice Mitch, but I hope you are wrong.

  2. mitchg Says:

    it’s worse for me in bwg downgrading this area to 1-2 if that as the back edge approaches my house.

  3. mitchg Says:

    region going to get blitzed with snow showers through Thursday!!!!! new update up late tonight.

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