northward shift with clipper


well this clipper has shifted north on the models at the last minute which is a common occurence. We also continued the trend of producing less precipitation during the day sunday.

– this means clouds will increase sunday with highs from 30-37 less precip= less evap cooling. only very light snow will develop during the day rain may mix in for southern ky with any accumulations under 1/2 inch.

– by sunday night a stronger band of snow, starting as rain for a hour or two south and east moves across the state with the upper level low tracking from e-town to Maysville bringing with it a dry slot along the track. to the north of the track with temps falling into the 20’s ratios will be higher near 20:1 with around .5 qpf allowing for a 6-10 band to set-up. south of this low track ratios will be more of a traditional 10:1 and southern ky may have to deal with a changeover as well with the main band sunday night starting as rain thanks to a surge of waa the low brings north with it.

– periods of snow Monday morning will diminish to periods of snow showers which last into Wednesday.

nam radar

sunday early evening

monday  midnight

monday morning

these areas may start as rain for a few hours sunday night as the main precip band moves in the smile over Covington is a sneak peek.

snow map, remember the snow will be heavy during or just before the morning commute for many areas which will create many hazards monday. I expect the winter storm watch zone to be trimmed north by both nws offices and for advisories for southern ky.

The euro model has another winter storm next weekend I don’t buy into the gfs solution of ejecting the next system east on friday.


7 Responses to “northward shift with clipper”

  1. tommy Says:

    i am in your 6 to 12 mitch i tried to tell everyone it was going north 3-4 days ago, clippers always do, even that though is still going to give lex a solid snowstorm

  2. james Says:

    Hey, look on your snow map. You can see tommy smiling up in N. Ky.

  3. tommy Says:

    lol about 7” still on the ground!!!

  4. mitchg Says:

    I’m not changing anything for now precip should light with coatings central and north with a mix south. steady snow sweeps east and north tonight still like a axis of 6-12 along 1-71 by monday night. may have to beef up the eastern section of the 2-4 a bit since the 12z nam soudings at london showed all snow. bwg still looks good for 2-3 then another 1/2 inch mondya afternoon. the 12z gfs snow mpas are impressive with the snow showers through wednesday.

  5. marsha Says:

    Mitch do you think Morgan co will get more than 2-4?

  6. mitchg Says:

    marsha 4 by sunset monday in morgan county.

  7. marsha Says:

    Thanks Mitch.

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