main action Sun night-Monday


for those school kids who have to make a snow day on presidents day i have good news as many of you will get to celebrate the presidents at home or take another day to impress your valentine. The last few runs have been somewhat off but the new 00z nam is coming into line with the gfs. This means the likelihood is there from some warm-up snows throughout most of Sunday before heavy snow sets in Sunday night and Monday morning for a large part of the region. Right now I still like my idea of 2-4 bands surrounding a 4-7 band though this 4-7 figure may need to be raised  a bit with high snow ratios and increasing qpf. The one concern I still have is warm air sunday afternoon over southern ky the latest BUFKIT soundings at BWG are indicating all snow or a brief mix however the 00z nam did trend warmer.  I have mentioned BUFKIT several times it is a very useful tool it gives you a height and temperature graph indicating what precip type will fall and how much. There also many severe weather applications of it as well and is used daily by the NWS. I will post a link to the side so you weather nuts can have BUFKIT on your computer. The main update will be very late tonight when my first call on snow will be made.


One Response to “main action Sun night-Monday”

  1. mitchg Says:

    a BUFKIT page has been added.

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