7 pm update final call


a very busy day with the drive back to bwg of 2 hrs classes and work. finally some time for the blog!


– areas in the 2-4 change to rain for about 6 hours and closer to 12 hours in the 1-3 zone. 3-6 area is all snow.

this from now till tuesday dinnertime.


bowling green (CT)

– snow this evening

-change to rain around midnight with 1-2 snow

– rain till about 8am

– change back to snow with about another inch


– snow overnight (1-2)

– 6 hour period of rain around the rush hour

– change back to snow by early afternoon another 1


– snow overnight (1)

– change to rain for most of the day

– change back to snow by days end with up to another inch

in the 3-6 zone lex, lou, cincy and ashland snow spreads in overnight and lasts into Tuesday afternoon.

this does not include wrap-around snows through Wednesday!!!!


7 Responses to “7 pm update final call”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Mitch I’m skeptical on the rain. I don’t know how much warm air is going to advect into the area. We shall see I guess. Snow should start in BWG very soon.

  2. trent Says:

    1-2 in the south? a heavy band headed there way producing 1-2 per hour

  3. mitchg Says:

    rain/snow line across southern tenn

    snow will spread in the bowling green area by 9 pm ct.

  4. Crystal Says:

    Mitch you did not give Pike esp Pikeville much snow love I am sad!!!! What do you see in the way of Ice for us? Thanks for doing your blog hows school?

  5. mitchg Says:

    crystal: uplsope snows are your friend for tommorow night and wednesday could be 3-6 inches of that in pikeville.

    9 pm update: snowing now at my house in Bowling Green latest ruc says forecast is on track.

  6. rlhopkinswx Says:

    I just hope that it stays either snow or rain. NO ICE!!!

    Hey Crystal! Rob here!!! Hope you are doing ok.

  7. mitchg Says:

    an inch now in bowling green and snowing hard the rain/snow line is from memphis to nashville now.

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