12z runs just cold enough for Lexington and bluegrass


 my updated call will be all sn0w from a line north and west from bowling green to Lexington east across 1-64. areas between this line and a line nw-se through Jackson may see a change to rain for a few hours around the rush hour. se ky still looks to miss out. But for the Lexington area this cold trend on the modeling  has continued long enough to show the Lexington metro now in the all snow area other areas that will change to all snow in my next forecast are Ashland and Richmond. Another slight shift colder and bowling green being further west could go to all snow from this when 36 hrs this looked like a quick snow to rain deal there. For those of you se of jkl upslope snows Wednesday will get you  into the game. full update later today.

4 Responses to “12z runs just cold enough for Lexington and bluegrass”

  1. tommy Says:

    liking all the trends!! want my bro in lex to experience some powder!

  2. rolo Says:

    WARM AIR will take care of lewxington area and surrounding counties to. mark it down.

  3. mitch Says:

    rolo: every run has gone colder lex is fair game for 6 now.

    winter storm warnings showing up in areas that had nothing out, wrf arw on the ncep page much colder than the other guidance which would suggest another southward shift of the snow line may be coming. we’ll see.

  4. marsha Says:

    Mitch where does Morgan co fit into this do we get some rain or all snow?

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