preview into first call on mon night-tue


We will quickly shift toward  Tuesday’s event. The forecast for this last snow event was good for the north however most other areas had the warmer air above freezing hang on and the ground has warmed in recent days which made it harder to see snow accums.

This will not  become official untill after the 00z runs tonight but 3-5 Louisville and cincy, 2-4 Lexington with minor ice, 1-3 to rain bwg, around 1 for Jackson and Ashland with a change to rain and minor accums with mainly rain for se ky. these are my very early thoughts on this.


5 Responses to “preview into first call on mon night-tue”

  1. mitchg Says:

    14 day forecast now updated

  2. tommy Says:

    mitch qfp looks to support alot more snow than that for nky does it not?

  3. Seth Says:

    This storm kind of looks similar to that artic blast we had early January, only this time precip type looks to be an issue.

  4. mitchg Says:

    tommy: just under .5 qpf (3-6)
    seth: it does have some similarities

  5. tommy Says:

    models are colder and more moist, but we dont want to much qfp, we dont want the low to deepen too much or else warm air surges to far north

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