period of snow still coming


We’re still waiting for the changeover as we’re in the dry slot now. The precip behind the dry slot is all snow and slowly moving east overnight. Again as I’ve said all week the main low gives us rain friday and then after a break the upper air low brings snow friday night, although a few hours to fast. I still expect an inch or so across the south with 2 inches further north toward Louisville and Lexington and Jackson with some 3 or 4 inch amounts of new snow from Cincinnati to Ashland.


Central Great Lakes sector loop

the precip should reach 1-75 by 2 am and eastern ky around 4am. this snow should last through saturday morning with flurries the rest of the day and highs near 30 with some northerly winds to make it feel a touch cooler.

2. Sunday will be mostly sunny but still cold around 30 thanks to a chilly airmass entering the region.

3.This sets the stage for Monday night into Wednesday as the next storm in the southern stream moves into the southern plains and moves northeast due to interaction with a northern stream front which will allow some warm air advection to stream northward but the previous colder airmass will be stubborn. The likely result is a a low pressure system that tracks to our south but with enough waa to make a messy mix out of things. There is still quite  a bit of spread in model data ranging from the 00z nam and euro which would bring a quick period of snow ahead of the surge of waa followed by rain/frz rain Tuesday morning. the gfs ensembles would allow for almost an all snow event regionwide. this will be followed by an arctic blast for mid to late week and another system chugging along across the gulf coast which may be just far enough north to clip southern ky with snow on Friday.


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