tracking the rain/ snow line 3:00 update


– i will  be driving from bwg to Versailles this afternoon the next update won’t be till 8 pm et or so.

– the rain/snow line right now runs from southern Illinois to southern indian into southern Ohio this should stay in place till about 6 pm et.

current adv’s

Winter Weather Advisory

most areas north of 1-64 are under a winter storm warning for the areas i outlined as 3-6 yesterday.

timeframe foe changeover and totals which are still dependent on changeover time
cincy 5 pm 4-6 inches new snowfall
Louisville 8pm 2-4 new snow
bowling green 11 pm 1-2 new snow
Lexington 11 pm 2-4 new snow
jackson 1 am 2-4 new snow
london 2 am 1-3 new snow

One Response to “tracking the rain/ snow line 3:00 update”

  1. mitchg Says:

    changeover delayed about an hour thus most spots should be on the low of there ranges.

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