two storms on the table


– the bigger storm coming is not the one the weekend it is the one on Tuesday. a lot of folks are focusing on this weekend’s storm which to me looks to be an advisory event. My personal feeling is the Tuesday storm is a hvy snow threat while saturday morning is not. that being said most of you will see snow on the ground saturday. First off Wednesday and thursday will see more clouds than sun with highs in the low 40’s.

storm 1: friday- saturday

– I feel confident that all areas but Covington and Maysville will see periods of rain friday, cvg and Maysville may see some frz rain at the start.

– one low heads up the west side of the apps then transfers it’s energy to the east coast a classic wintertime cold rain track

– however there will be enough upper level energy as diagram yesterday to continue to produce precip behind the low as clod air moves in friday night creating a changeover from rain to wet snow

– the models are in good agreement for .1-.25 qpf after the changeover this could yield 1-3 inches of snow with the best chance for 3 around Ashland and bowling green seeing less than inch

storm 2 – Tuesday

– there will be a shot of cold air over the weekend which will be reinforced by an arctic front setting the stage for temps in the 20’s as low pressure tracks from south texas up the east side of the apps. moisture will run north ahead of the low setting the stage for a widespread snow with some models suggesting 6 inches or more for Tuesday.


3 Responses to “two storms on the table”

  1. mitchg Says:

    12z gfs joining the camp for 6 inches or more late Monday into Tuesday.

  2. tommy Says:

    so up here at cvg does 3-5 sound about right for saturday system? yea mon/tue has much more promise as far as major snow totals are concerned

  3. mitchg Says:

    I will put out my first snow map with the next update. 00z nam indicating a more widespread snow and heavier snow saturday am than what i have been thinking.

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