early evening update


winter storm watches have now been issued for areas south of I-64.

– snow should overspread the region from southwest to northeast friday morning

– period of heaviest snow in the afternoon and evening

– lighter snow with wind and cold saturday

– the gfs is going through some convective feedback issues

– nam still a good run or two from being in full range of this storm

– cmc and jma wetter and further north



12 Responses to “early evening update”

  1. vinny Says:

    cmc and jma wetter and further north…

    That’s all I need to know..!!!

    Thanx Mitch for keeping up with the weather and giving to us for free…

    You are a really good kid, I wish you nothing but success..!!!

  2. james Says:

    I second that (what vinny said).

  3. Hope Says:

    Thanks Mitch. I enjoy reading your weather blog and your comments on CB blog. I to wish you much success and appreciate you keeping us up to date on the weather. Maybe someone will respond to me on this blog, I can’t get anybody to talk to me on CB blog. Thanks again.

  4. tommy Says:

    if the nw trend kicks all we need is a 30 mile nw shift to bullseye lexington but we’ll see

  5. tommy Says:

    moderate snow in here in northern campbell county

  6. Hope Says:

    Ok, so I make one post and it goes to moderation. Come on are you serious? Anyway, thanks Mitch. I enjoy your blog and everything else I said that went to moderation…

  7. mitchg Says:

    good point tommy a period of verga followed by a period of wintry mix is possible northeast of e-town with minor slick spots this evening.

  8. mitchg Says:

    00z nam a downer, weeker with the front period of precip and with the back edge early saturday.

  9. mitchg Says:

    00z gfs a big lift tonight there’s more model uncertainty now than earlier today.

  10. marsha Says:

    This is not good is it Mitch?

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