quick update for the week


1. I just back a few hours ago after leaving at 5 am , actually beat some relatives who were going back to Atlanta who got back luck at the airport. So this will be short and sweet

2. winter is back this week with scattered snow showers and nw flow behind the departing rainstorm through Tuesday. I still see the threat for coatings and minor slick spots.

3. The main focus will be a winter storm for thu-sat. This looks like a winter defining storm for the region in terms of reaching expected snowfall for central ky. This will be the second winter defining storm out east, the first one was in Dec.

– arctic front swings through wed night into early thursday with light precip

– low pressure tracks along the front to our south bringing north lots of moisture that overuns the boundary and arctic air continues to drill into the region

– a period of rain quickly changes to snow with the potential for a period of very hvy snow

– changes in track will lead to adjustments in amounts and expected precip type

forecasted track dark blue is over 4 inches.


2 Responses to “quick update for the week”

  1. tommy Says:

    just my luck mitch i move to nky for school totally based on snow and now it looks like i am going to have to drive to lexington for the big one!!! ridiculous! of course we are still 3.5days out so if the classic nw trend occurs then maybe i am in the perfect spot? also you were talking about heavy overunning precip, we are talking all snow after the quick changeover right? because thats alot of qfp that would suck if it was all freezing rain!

  2. tommy Says:

    my first call http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd227/coloradofella/firstcall.jpg

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