snow showers continue


1. radar

Central Great Lakes sector loop

tonight this disturbance and a north fetch off the lakes have created  a band of snow showers which stretches from south bend all the way to Nashville this band should gradually shift east as the wind shifts to nw. by saturday night up to another inch will accumulate regionwide with locally higher amounts. these snow showers will once again recoat roads with snow leading to more slick and hazardous travels. temps will stay in the 10’s through saturday thanks to the cloudcover. I still expect clearing saturday night which will lead to single digits and a run at 0 for a few spots.

2. don’t fall asleep at the wheel when making forecasts for next week it’s to easy to a take deep breath and just go with flurries monday night and jump to the late week system but look what the models are cranking out in terms of qpf even with 10:1 ratios some accumulations in the east could be an inch or two and with temps below freezing more hazardous conditions are possible.  my first map will likely be issued on this late tomorrow.

nam qpf mon eve

gfs qpf mon eve

3. temps should trend upward each day through thursday with sunshine a high of 40 with lows in the 20’s is likely by then. this leads to a clipper and frontal boundary passing well to our north this boundary should bring a enough cool air to make things interesting and allow a major gulf system to track across the southeast and up the east coast friday and next weekend. right now the track looks great on all models but the 00z gfs but with seasonable air in place, temps in the 30’s either rain or snow with the potential for hvy precip is possible.

4. those looking for a few days off from winter aren’t going to find them including myself who has plans to add some additional material to the site when we see a break weatherwise.


6 Responses to “snow showers continue”

  1. marsha Says:

    Mitch I really think you do a great job with this weather I check your site as much as i do Chris……

  2. mitchg Says:

    thanks marsha for the comment it’s very much appricated.

  3. mitchg Says:

    early look at the mon night clipper less than an inch for bowling green an inch for louisville and covington with 1-2 inches for lexington, jackson, ashland, pikeville. don’t let any dusting forecasts lull you to sleep this looks like an advisory event for most.

    the 00z gfs should be thrown out for the weekend storm.

  4. tommy Says:

    hey mitch 4.7” here in lex!!! i moved my stuff up highland heights yesterday for school about 5” up there before the snow started again last night.

  5. vinny Says:

    Mitch, you mean the 12z..??? I hope so…

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