Happy Holidays “A Look Ahead”


1. We already talked enough about the Grinch storm one more note is a wind advisory is in effect for eastern areas so make sure to tie down any loose objects and have two hands on the wheel while driving as winds will get gusty for a while tonight.

2.  Snow showers are coming for late saturday into Sunday from the leftovers of the Grinch storm. I still expect some coatings out of these with more winterlike temps with upper 20’s for lows and mid 30’s for highs.

3. the 30th in my view still looks  like a good chance for some snow around here with a southern system crossing the gulf coast and cold air in place. right now the gfs model is to suppressed with this feature which is typical the Canadian brings a band of  snow late Wednesday through the region and the euro has the system as well. So the issue how far north does the moisture get and can it trend so far north due to WAA being to strong to give us rain or a mix. My forecast as of now is to bring the GFS track farther north with more moisture as the model is trending in that direction. This track closely follows the very consistent euro model.

first thoughts map for the 30th system light blue means light snow.

4. arctic air should arrive in the first week of Jan I’m looking at a potential 3-5 day period of well below normal temps likely 20’s for highs if not colder.

5. Happy Holidays to all of you out there!!!

(There will be no post Tommorow Christmas Day However I will be back Saturday.)


7 Responses to “Happy Holidays “A Look Ahead””

  1. mitchg Says:

    12z euro has warmed us up for rain on the 30th.

    this brought to you by grinch.inc

  2. mitchg Says:

    track santa here

  3. Amy Says:

    Thanks for your posts Mitch! Merry Christmas!

  4. mitchg Says:

    those who only follow the gfs models and no others will be in shock and awe seeing this late this week storm fire up which the euro model has had for days now.

  5. raindome Says:

    Do you think this will end up being a lakes cutter?

  6. mitchg Says:

    no raindome no lakes cutter this time the high pressure behind it this time will be centered farther south allowinf for a more favorable track and the energy which will form this storm is coming into the US much further south resulting in the low to form over south texas and not the rockies.

    I’m becoming more intrested in the prospect of an extended winter storm from wednesday afternoon through friday with several periods of precip we’ll start tracking this tommorow in terms of precip duration, storm track, qpf amounts and timing.

  7. raindome Says:

    So what as of now is your greatest concern when it comes to factors that can keep us from getting a good snowfall from this?

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