soggy weekend of studying ahead


1. It’s crunch on time on campus now with finals and reports due this week and next. hopefully i will be able to a break or two in order to post over the next several days.

2. today will be cold across the region again with highs only in the mid 30’s but it will be sunny.

3. Clouds increase Saturday with rain for Saturday night and maybe sunday morning drizzle as well, i expect temps to stay above freezing for this event with most of us in the 40’s. Both of the gfs and nam have temps over 32 sat eve with rain however I could see the chance that some valleys may start as frz rain, something to watch.

4. A miss for Tuesday as the arctic front with the cold and a wave of low pressure don’t connect. For us this means a few rain showers monday night end as flurries on Tuesday.  The good news is 50 on Monday is appearing more likely.

5. The 14 day forecast is now a few days old, the models are flipping and flopping, I don;t have a good picture on things will evolve past mid week of next week.  the most likely outcome is for a clipper to track north of us over the lakes around next friday, this would mean cold and dry to end next week.

6. my  frustration is starting to set-in, 3 light snow events in Versailles this week and last, 5 inches in Pikeville last Saturday and not  a flake yet here in BWG, sleet does not count. one storm goes north the other south, waa with the next one and no phasing for the early next week event.  BOOOO!!!!!


4 Responses to “soggy weekend of studying ahead”

  1. mitchg Says:

    on the weather maps i do see a few snow chances
    – flurries tuesday, slim at best chance
    – clipper fridayish likely going north of us.
    – storm before christmas of quite a bit more intrest

  2. mitchg Says:

    period of sleet is looking likely for us at the start looking at some of the dewpoint readings not even 10 in some spots. no accums though.

  3. Michael S Says:

    Looks like Sleet on the radar in Tennessee. High Reflectivity anyway

  4. mitchg Says:

    temps below 32 at a few mesonet sites out east, frz rain threat back in the picture update within the next 90 min.

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