Do you know your ABC’s


that is how I’m going to describe our snow chances in what is shaping up to be a cold december, I’ll go over the month as a whole tomorrow but for today I’m just to show you all the next few chances for snow in my view.

A: our thu am system coatings at best, refer to last post as my thoughts are unchanged, leaning toward the nam solution of spotty coatings at best. My optimism level is a 2 of 10 for accumulating snow ( 1= unlikely, 10= snowing hard right now) 

B: a new chance for snow has been added for saturday, the parrell gfs is bringing .1-.4 qpf for areas east of Lexington in the from of snow as a another storm is expected to form in east texas and ride ne. My thinking now is we will see a western shift in the storm track which could put us all in a higher snow chance.  optimistic rating of 5.5 of 10 on B.

C: A week system may bring a band of light snow or mix late sunday night and early monday, optimistic level 3 of 10.

D: another much stronger system should come out of Rockies middle of next week the models have been wild with tracks but are showing the potential for hvy precip. my thinking is a more southern track at this point. optimism level 5.5 of 10.

– I’ll include more visuals with tomorrow’s update including a look at december as a whole

2 Responses to “Do you know your ABC’s”

  1. james Says:

    Thanks Mitch. I like the way you put the chances on a scale and described the details. Keep us posted.

  2. mitchg Says:

    snow chance for saturday morning still in the cards.

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