Finally some rain for the region


1. After a dry 1st half of the month a low pressure will move east into the region and cut-off this will mean overcast skies and overcast skies through thursday as this low pressure will be very slow to move across the region. Highs Monday and Tuesday will be in the 60’s with some southerly flow leading to these continued mild temps and a higher likelihood of showers late Monday through Tuesday. However this southerly warm  moisture flow will be replaced by high pressure over the deep south leading to just clouds and lighter west winds along with drizzle for Wednesday and Thursday with Highs in the 50’s.

Upper air map on the GFS for Tue eve


2. This is winter awareness week, here is a link for more info on that. Now is a great time to review terminology and prepare for what mother nature has in store this winter.

to recap the influence of the cut-off low

– mostly cloudy skies through thursday

– showers likely monday night through Tuesday

– clouds and patchy drizzle and cooler for Wednesday and thursday

3. The end of Nov and the start of the December is looking very interesting for snow and cold. i could easily see several days in the 30’s for highs and the chance this pattern puts some snow on the ground to start meteorological winter!!!


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