monday update


posts the next few days will focus on the wild weather coming later in the week. For a forecast through Thursday scroll below to the last post.

1. there is still a lot of model waffling which is to be expected which so many weather features out there for later in the week.

2. with a big temp clash expected along Friday’s front, some 40* it’s hard not to see a severe weather set-up with this front likely in the form of a squall line later Friday even with the spc having chances to low to forecast.

3. i expect Friday and the weekend to be a windy period we’ll start off seasonable or even on the mild side however turn cold by Sunday, MOS data will bust bigtime which has highs near 60 now raw data has been near 50 for highs.

4. the extreme although possibile solution behind this front is for lake effect precip and lows near 30 these two could combo for our first snow chance by early next week.

5 watch game 3 of the nlds saturday night in denver could be snow in the air or even on the ground. go phils! the last time they won three straight divsion titles was in the late 70’s when we had some fun and games in the wintertime, another hopeful coorelation on my part.


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