forecast for the week ahead


1. sunday turned out to have a sneak attack come from the south which gave southern ky folks including myself a gray, damp and chilly day while northern folks got a decent day. we’ll have to watch for this set-up over  the next few months thanks to the el-nino when it is commonplace for southern systems. I did not have this one called right but no one else did either, i’ll take this as a reminder not to take things for granted in the short term forecast.

2. monday will see sunshine across the region after some low clouds and patchy fog in the AM. after a start near 50 highs should be from 67-74 across the region.

3. a fast moving front will cross the region tuesday night this will bring a little cooler air behind it and some showers ahead of it and another case of southerly to nw winds. As a result clouds will increase tuesday with a period of showers and thunder similar to friday across the region. highs should be in the same range as monday.  The nam has a stronger system with more gulf moisture and storms while the gfs is more progressive and weaker with the front.



4.  Wednesday and Thursday high pressure should be in control with fair skies and highs around 70 on avg.

5. the big show comes on for friday through the weekend when things could get going big time in our parts in terms of severe weather and a fall chill. a side note to that funny post the recent run of the gfs looks much more reasonable.


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