miss with frost and precip timing for friday


1. frost adv’s are up for areas nw of Kentucky, however observed dewpoints are above 40 which for us means that is the lower limit on lows tonight. the main concern of mine is for patchy fog with light winds and humidity levels already rising at the temp cools.

2.  the nam brings a round of rain from the next front friday morning.

the gfs is about the same

tomorrow i will put up a weekend forecast. one more winter note the last time my phillies won three straight division titles was back in the late 70’s and we know how those winters were is there actually correlation no but one can always imagine some!!!!


2 Responses to “miss with frost and precip timing for friday”

  1. patty Says:

    Hi Mitch…Just stopped by to say hello to my fellow woodford countian, although I read you’re at WKU now. My son lives there if you remember me mentioning that in previous post on CB blogs. I haven’t been posting there much this summer due to work schedule changes. Study hard so we will someday be following you on TV!

  2. mitchg Says:

    12z gfs going to the extreme with wet followed by extreme oct chill with snow flakes!!!!!!

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