tracking hvy rains and a severe threat


1. My concern this week has been with watching each day to see where storms with a high flood threat set-up. Tonight we have the reformation of a mcs last night which moved slowly through the miss valley. This afternoon and evening  storms have refired along this slow moving boundary. Areas along 1-65 that saw the training of storms last weekend are seeing a similar set-up tonight with hvy rains.

look at current radar

the movement of thunderstorms with this mcs should continue to be north with very slow progress to the east with the axis of hvy rains just west of 1-65. some rainfall amounts of 2-3 inches can be found.

2. tomorrow this same mcs or it’s leftover boundaries spark more thunderstorms with hvy rains. again tomorrow i’ll be watching to see where the hvy rain axis sets up in the region, more slow moving storms are likely with more flood potential for some of us. highs should be near 80.

3. the trend in storm activity will be more scattered into thursday and friday as a backdoor front moves into the upper great lakes and northeast. this front never makes it this far south but we’re still close enough for this storm activity. highs near 80 with lows near 60.

4. another front much stronger should push into the region by saturday. the spc has a severe threat for us.


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