the war goes on


between a great lakes ridge, a week front over the mid atlantic pumping in a dry NE flow into the region against a tropical low which has been nearly stationary just to our south in Tenn where several inches of rain have fallen.

let’s predict how this war will end


– should be similar to today as the features will not budge much if at all.


– some showers should finally begin to creep into southern ky  i still expect much of us to be dry due to the same old E and NE flow.




–  another day with a very sharp cutoff  in precip, the question most of you will be asking is what side will commonwealth stadium be on.



– the ridge finally kicks out to sea so no more east flow, we go to a southerly low and by now you should know what this leads to.


decent coverage of showers and storms throughout the day regionwide.

main headlines

– almost all dry for thursday but still a shower threat south during the day

– friday showers and thunder likely south with a very sharp cutoff, this cutoff moves north saturday

– widespread storms sunday

– I’ll be following this war throughout the weekend closely!

2. on to next week

– monday we finally rip up the tropical low thanks to the southerly flow however still stormy

– Tuesday will be stormy with a very powerful front, severe weather if things set-up right

– fall arrives middle of next week, not nearly extreme as that gfs run of yesterday where i showed one could make the argument for a flurrie chance next friday based on that 12z run.


One Response to “the war goes on”

  1. mitch Says:

    cutoff today from north of bwg across the hal rodgers pkwy, somerset and bwg will see numerous showers some with hvy rain.

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