weekly forecast


for many of us this is a week where we’ll be counting down the days until the holiday weekend or the college football openers with the Cats and Hilltoppers in action. I’ll have weather forecasts for whichever suites you as the week moves on.

1. today is another nice one with widespread sunshine and mid 70’s for highs across the region. looks like the old front is staying well our south of us today keeping any showers with it.

2. week disturbances will travel along the old frontal boundary throughout the rest of the week any of these may be able to throw a shower north in southeastern sections of the state lows and highs will rise a degree or two each day during the week as this Canadian airmass gradually starts to lift out but temps for Tuesday will start out near 57 and rise to 78.

3. for now it looks like to me that the front will wash out and another high will move in leading to a dry and seasonably warm weekend with lows near 60 and highs just above 80. temps for the football games should be 72: cincy and 78: Knoxville.  however i could easily see a wrinkle or two coming  from this far out.

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