tweeks to the forecast, cool down coming


this is a quiet week for most of us till this weekend when things get active. we do have a week cool  front which will slowly break down this ridge and produce scattered storms by the end of the week ending this stretch of seasonabile and dry weather. I’m going to add 30% coverage for thursday and go 40 on fri and 50 on sat as a  powerful trough digs SE with the best chance for storms in the late afternoon each day. i still expect highs of mid 80’s for the majority of the week with a few upper 80’s wednesday and lower 80’s by friday.

by saturday and sunday highs will trend down each day to the upper 70’s by sunday as the powerful trough sweeps a cold front through early in the day to end rain chances.

ECMWF (EURO) shows the trough well

lows for most of this week should be in the 60’s but by early next week we could be talkin chilly nights with lows near 50 and highs barely reaching 70!! with this blast of air from canada.

danny, soon known as danny should be concern for the east coast as i think this has a good shot to be a cat 1 hurricane by saturday my threat zone is from the outerbanks to cape cod for a direct hit. i will revise this with more detail in the next post.

speaking of the next post hopefully it will be late tomorrow as this is my last day as a full time  versailles resident and will be at my house in bowling green tomorrow and looking forward to grad school starting on monday at WKU, i still have to get the Internet going there. i’ll have to update my twitter page as well and post details about the move for those interested.

the coverage area of this site will not change as 1-65 including bowling green was added several weeks ago.

thank you versailles for all you have given me!!


2 Responses to “tweeks to the forecast, cool down coming”

  1. mitchg Says:

    internet up and running here in bwg there will be a post tonight.

  2. mitchg Says:

    quick update here instead i’ll have details tommorow

    1. rasing storm coverage tommorow to 40% higher chances by sat

    2. close call w/ danny and the east coast

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