full day ahead of us


I’ll make this short since this should be a day featuring several clusters of strong to severe storms that produce damaging winds and hvy rains. yesturday’s activity was focused in se ky and just west of lexington where local amounts of 1-2 inches fell. while quite a few of you saw little or no rain.

1. several of these clusters should move throughduring the day and night on your thursday, these may last into friday. the models are putting out some more 1-2 inch totals this time a little more widespread. the spc has us in a slight risk for severe weather, i expect that to stay the same this very same front has produced numerous severe warnings to our west already on wednesday.

2. what’s leftover of anna may interact with this front in the gulf to produce another tropical system in a few days.

3. preliminary winter outlook up friday

4. back later today with more on how things are unfolding


2 Responses to “full day ahead of us”

  1. mitchg Says:

    line of storms lear nashville will push NE into the region by 3:30 pm by this time a stom could go strong to severe on this line.

  2. mitchg Says:

    another batch of storms NE of ky has prompted a severe thuderstorm watch for a few of us along the ohio river

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