quick batch of headlines


1. same song and dance as yesturday, overnight tuesday night the first group/complex should roll across the state leaving some folks with more hvy rains and isolated flash flooding,  the merger between thunderstorm producing sources did occur over western ky this evening. areas such as jasper, In across the river are getting hard tonight. wednesday will see more scattered storms that will produce more hvy rains in spots. it will be very humid again with highs in the low to mid 80’s.

3. thursday is of most concern not only for the hvy rain threat but the potential fore a powerful front to sweep a squall line of storms with gusty winds through.

4. can the ghost of anna return??? i’ll explain how in a update very late on wednesday. bill looks headed out to sea though the cmc ensembles could make new englanders nervous.  

5. that’s not even the big teaser for you today my preview winter outlook comes out friday, remember last year’s i only missed the snow total by .1 in.


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