thursday update: back to school forecast


for many of us it’s back to school this week today for many of us featured a nice day and a dry bus stop  with only a few storms here and there. however the few storms here and there produced some very hvy rains in the lexington metro around midnight wed am and then in the early morning hours further southeast across perry and leslie counties which led to more flooding.

nws storm report

any other isolated storms will die down by midnight but still can produce hvy rains.

2. i have no changes for thursday and friday as highs pressure with a dryer airmass takes hold, it’s still summer so we’ll have tradtional lows in the mid to upper 60’s and highs in the mid to upper 80’s.

3. more tropical talk tonight with two long range concerns

A:  early next week 

current feature ( look north of puerto rico) very closely and squint, sorry! link to larger view of it.

gfs late sunday with that feature  near south florida

both the gfs and euro would take any tropical mositure straight north into the lower ohio valley by monday.

gfs for mon


there’s another wave off africa this one looks more than TD 2 which should be ann soon. look where the 18z gfs has this by the 24th

aug 26th

let’s hope none of these tropical systems comes as advertised on this post with addtional hvy rains that are not needed in our neck of the woods.


my thinking ( a track for feature A no track just speculation for B)

feature A


i hate the changes they made to picture upload section!

my thinking is A brings at least tropical juice with some hvy pop up storms with the potential for a more organized tropical system. both models think a track from the gulf into the tenn and ohio valleys is correct now.

my thinking is B will be the bigger storm but it’s a long ways away.


2 Responses to “thursday update: back to school forecast”

  1. mitchg Says:

    not sure about the changes to the site, not my doing may be a bigger wordpress plot!

  2. mitchg Says:

    nam fires A up by sunday in the gulf

    wordpress appears to be fixing the issues.

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