hump day


1. your wednesday will feature the front which has been around so far this week to wash out even more and take any disturbances with it to the southeast. this will still be a slow process allowing storm chances to linger over are southern and eastern areas for wednesday in the form of afternoon and evening pop ups. highs for wednesday will be in the mid 80’s after a start in the low to mid 60’s with less humidity as some of the refreshing air behind the front at least makes things tolerable.

2. thursday and friday should see seasonable temps in the mid to upper 80’s, lows in the 60’s with some humidity but not as much as earlier this week with high pressure in control with no rain.

3. by the weekend the high pressure should set-up along the east coast allowing  tropical moisture along with week disturbances to cause afternoon pop up storms highs will still be in the mid to upper 80’s.

4. both the gfs and euro are cranking the tropics up  for the week of Aug 24. my long range thinking is a tropical system makes a run at the US east coast  around the 24th which then sends a big time trough into our neck of the woods causing a cool labor day weekend. until then i expect this new pattern to hold form.  if you check this before 11 am the 12z gfs from tuesday is close to this.

5. there will still a be a post late friday night eventhough my move in waves continues to bowling green that day.


One Response to “hump day”

  1. mitchg Says:

    more on overnight flooding in leslie and perry counties later today

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