rain chances mon/tue


we did get some light showers into northern ky afterall last night. the point from the last post is it will find a way to rain this summer if there’s any chance.  this is a similar concept to the snow dome, bottom line the pattern is set and it is stubborn. I’ve been hit twice myself with no rain forecasts this summer when it did rain and last night was another example about how eventhough condtions are less than ideal for rain this pattern will still find a way for it to rain.

i still have no changes from the last post on this weekend however i want to go over mon/tue storm chances in more detail.

look at the gulf this afternoon off the gfs

notice how southerly flow will brings this tropical juice and week wave north by late sunday

by monday this moisture is drawn north enough to produce showers and storms with hvy tropical downpours  the next front settles in to enhance the moisture as well.

the front hangs with us through tuesday

the storm coverage should be fairly widespread about 60 to 70% both days with more flash flooding possibile. as a result of storms highs will be in the mid 80’s.


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  1. patty Says:

    Hey Mitch! Patty from Versailles here. I haven’t been around a lot this summer on the weather blogs. Just wanted to stop by and say hey! Hope everything is progressing with your education!

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