rain chances back in for tonight


for tonight i had lowered rain chances to under 20% the other day after the models had kept any areas rain to our north however earlier in the day i did note that a complex of showers and thunder may clip northern ky rasing chances back to 40% in my forecast the thing is that no other forecast has rain chances for tonight.

John Belski

There is a large area of rain and thunderstorms around the Chicagoland area at mid-afternoon moving east. High clouds from that storm complex have moved into our area. They will be thinning out as we head into the evening hours. No rain here.

Chris Baliey

warm front will swing through the area overnight into early Saturday. It does not look like this front will produce any storms around here as those should stay to our north.

TG Shuck

It appears all the activity this weekend will stay well to our north

Nws Lou


nws jkl

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 60. Calm wind

let’s see if i’m on to something that will trump all of these guys and there forecasts. Don’t take this the wrong way guys I view your sites every day and enjoy them a lot and thank you for your hard work. If i’m wrong i will be first to say so that northern ky has a decent shot of getting clipped by some shower and thunder activity eventhough dewpoints and surface flow aren’t that favorable, this shower and thunder complex has done a good job of holding it’s own all day.


current radar trends as of 7 pm have me in the lead


my forecast is for 40% showers and thunder  between 9-1 tonight north of I-64.

2. i see the weekend the same as yesturday for the most part speaking of the nws lou and chris bailey they did a nice explanation on how the heat may be limited by green surroudings this weekend.


i still expect highs near 90 with plentiful sunshine and lots of humidity for both days. tommorow i may have throw in a 20% storm chance for sunday as gulf mositure begins to push in, i’ll be keeping an eye on model trends. this will lead to another front to couple with gulf moisture and lead to storm chances early next week with highs back down into the 80’s with lows in the lower 60’s vs upper 60’s in the weekend.

we’ll see if i’m right a little later tonight, one thing is for sure any showers will not cause more flooding tonight.


2 Responses to “rain chances back in for tonight”

  1. mitchg Says:

    forecasts such as john b and nws in wilmington are now adding rain chances.

  2. mitchg Says:

    light showers into far northern ky and there’s a chance that batch in southern indiana holds as it moves se into the lou area.

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