responce to accuweather’s winter forecast


it’s to early!!!!!

although i do like there main analog of 02-03 it matches well with going from a la-nina to el-nino then the el-nino weaking later on in the winter.

my other analogs this early in the game







those are the ones i came up with for similar condtions in the tropical pacfic that match with the climate models forecast on the state of the el-nino.

some common themes

– there is some difference here in overall weather compared to normal with these, some rather warm others colder than normal

– above 1st half then colder 2nd halfs in some

–  most winters did have some snow with them on this list, 76-77 02-03 led way

accuweather’s thoughts


I’ll post noaa’s updated outlook tommorow. I don’t have access to euro and ukmet has not published anything on it to my knowledge.


back to the weather i still see scattered showers and maybe a storm or two to end the week with a gradual decrease in the muggies which came in with the warm front.

the 12z gfs raw temps for sat had highs not hiting 70. I’ll update the weekend tommorow.


2 Responses to “responce to accuweather’s winter forecast”

  1. tommy Says:

    I like how accuweather located in central PA has themselves in the bullseye snow zone thats more wishful thinking i believe than science, however if they are prediciting an 02-03 winter then that map is accurate.

  2. nick Says:

    i dont agree with accuweather in any aspect of the forcast i have lived in missori for 8 years they have never been right only local forcaster and farmers almanac have been correct

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