I’m Back!!!!!!!!


Thank you for coming back after my trip to Chicago Last week I was a chaparone on a youth trip to the windy city, our group did mission work and exploreed the city throughout the week and both weekends. We had a great time and learned a lot but i’m glad to be back home! I did not get a chance to access the internet that often but did get to view the weather from a far

here are three mid summer observations and a bonus one for the upcoming winter

1. if there’s a chance it will rain it will.

2. the heat ridge usually looses out to the next front

3.  flooding and excessive strong storms hang with us

4. CFS still has a cold winter, the el-nino should be losing it’s edge by wintertime

observation 1 comes into play tonight as the boundry is starting to die out but first it’s trying to send one more complex our way again rain and some severe storms are possbile. the nws has low chances still for the south, i’d go 60% south of 1-64  and west of 1-75for now and lower chances north/east. this batch of storms is moving east but i could see it maker a southeast hook toward dark.


2. after this frontal boundry has brought some cooler lees humid air for monday with temps in the low to mid 80’s for monday temps and humidity will come up tue and wed as temps reach the upper 80’s for highs. high humidity levels will only allow lows to dip into the 60’s at best.

3. more storms by mid week

One Response to “I’m Back!!!!!!!!”

  1. marsha Says:

    Mitch glad you are back…..

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