this is the bad part of going out of town with limited Internet access. after tomorrow i don’t think it will be a big deal weatherwise that I’m gone. instead of days and maps i did my own version of the nws discussion for tomorrow.

in the morning a mesoscale complex will be ongoing across Missouri Indiana and Illinois. this complex will have an expansive cloud deck and move southeast through the day keeping highs in the 70’s, this complex will weaken around noon the refire along the Ohio river around early evening. any instability will provide the complex a chance to refire with strong storms that contain gusty winds. other thunderstorms should form further sw across the missouri valley that move ne during the night. rain and storms should last most of the afternoon through the night a low pressure along this boundary moves ne. my main concerns are  hvy rain from training storms, gusty winds and some small hail. the rain chances i have are now 90% due to threats from both the morning complex and afternoon and evening storms from the sw. my thinking is most fireworks will be rained out. on sunday this system moves east decreasing the rain chance and allowing temps to reach 80.

2. during next week monday-saturday high pressure, another heat ridge will center it’s self overhead leading to increasing heat and humidity each day we should go from low 80’s monday to low 90’s by fridayof next week with heat index values near 100.

– expect wet fireworks shows

– remember the heat tips by late week

one more thing there are some links about the daytime low  high temp records on the nws site

enjoy the next week, see you on the 12th.


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