two more severe events this week


event one- Tuesday

ruc around sunrise


the ruc ( rapid update model every hr) deleopvs a mesocale complex from omaha  to kc to stl by sunrise. this complex will have numerous severe storms with hvy rains, gusty winds large hail and isolated tornadoes. the usual models are having convective feedback problems with this. this complex will dive ese along the stationary portion of the boundry reaching our area by late afternoon. untill then a alrightly very moist atmosphere will become unstable with the aid of sunshine. This will allow the mcs which weekens around the noon hour to refire in the afternoon. for us i expect a late afternoon severe event with widespread hail, gusty winds a maybe a tornado warning or two. the spc should boost us into a moderate risk for tommorow.

event 2- friday  night

the heat ridge will come in for a day Friday. a sharp cold front will move SE toward the region with a squall line of severe storms damaging winds will be the main threat i expect this to be another widespread event.

other days

wed- scatt storms 50% 81-86

thu- partly cloudy a few storms 30% 83-88


One Response to “two more severe events this week”

  1. mitchg Says:

    nasty bow echo will reach our region by dinnertime.

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