the week ahead


1. the same front will set-up over tennensee through mid week with complexs of showers and storms riding along it over the next three days. some storms will have hvy rain and gusty winds and each day will have a slight risk for severe weather. each day through wednesday will be mostly cloudy due to extensive clouds put out by the complexs. highs will be in the lower 80’s.

gfs rain axis showing the general path of complexs

2. for thursday it will be a tight battle between a heat ridge building ne the old front ( now a warm front) and a new cold front pushing in. rain chances will be less down from 70% to 40%. with the ridge moving closer highs will be warmer maybe close to 90 but iexpect there will still be more clouds east near the old front to keep temps in the 80’s.

gfs thu

3. friday we may be under just the heat ridge for part of the day allowing for full sunshine and 90 but the next front will quickly approach with more storms likely late. early on to me this has the makings of a squall line event.

4. the ridge gets a big time smackdown back to where it’s supposed to be in my summer outlook meaning it will take another two weeks to get even close to us again, a normal to below normal temps summer is underway!

5. cfs has a cold winter here, I know way to early to say that!!


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