gfs vs euro: long range


trivia question: did Louisville and bowling green break rainfall records on Thursday?

1.  saturday will see another mixture with the a small storm chance and highs in the mid 80’s.

2. the front that has been near us for the past several days will stay around the region for another week. Sunday again will be similar to Saturday. then for most of next week this old front and a heat ridge with a ring of thunderstorms around it will allow for thunderstorm chances to the ne of the ridge. this is a similar set-up to yesterday’s map. the question is where does the ridge set-up next week, we have two different versions of events.





the euro goes big time with the ridge for us next week 90’s hot and dry the gfs has more repeat storms across the region in the ring of fire.

so for the weekend expect a few more scattered storms muggies and 80’s and we’ll see about next week. Again I’d go with the gfs and more of the same as of now.


One Response to “gfs vs euro: long range”

  1. mitchg Says:

    1.hvy rain again for the middle of the week
    2. euro still tries to build the ridge ne for the end of the week

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