mesonet update


often i use data from the KY mesonet for current weather conditions and to analyze weather of the previous day. I think this is a great service for the state of Kentucky.

from the nws lmk  site

The Grayson County mesonet site near Leitchfield. This site is one of 25 operational sites around the commonwealth that collect real time temperature, precipitation, humidity, solar radiation, and wind data. The newest site in the network near Harrodsburg in Mercer County, will come on line this week. There are plans for the construction of 100 sites in all. For more information about the Kentucky Mesonet, and to view data from the sites, visit the Kentucky Mesonet web site ( off to the side link)

Dr’s Foster and Mahmood who i will have the pleasure of learning from and working with in the fall were on site for this event. pictures are on nws site.


to the weather

1.Wednesday will feature more of the same with scattered afternoon storms with hvy downpours, i still expect about 50-60% storm coverage and highs around 80. there may be a little more coverage thanks to more upper air disturbances and outflow boundaries we won’t know the locations till about 1 or so.

2. Thursday will see fewer storms as the boundary to our north and the old tropical low  finally begin to move east highs will be near 80 again.

3. can Friday be rain free???  maybe but not a big chance for rain, it will depend on if the system lingers even longer. highs will fall into the 70’s with a dryer airmass as well by the weekend.


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