summertime pattern


1. the unoffical start is here memorial day weekend!!! and we have summertime weather to show for it. first let’s look at the weather for the holiday weekend across the country.

 will weather spoil our BBQ”S???


florida- muggy, thunderstorms

califorina- sunny, a little cool in spots

mid atlanitc/ northeast – isolated storms, hot then cooler by monday

rockies/plains- scatt storms, hot

2. for us a low over the gulf will continue move north over the weekend, this means we’ll have some isolated pulse (typical summer storms) storms tommorow afternoon with highs in the low to mid 80’s and more humidity. most places should stay dry.

3. sunday the low will move north to the memphis area with a decent area of rain and storms on it’s east side. these showers and storms will have some hvy rains and be fairly widespread, i expect more minor flooding problems.

4. monday through wednesday with the leftovers of the low to our west we’ll see afternoon pulse type storms each day with about 50 to 60% coverage some will have more locally hvy rains. highs will be around 80.

5. later wednesday into thursday  the leftover mositure should interact with a week frontal boundry to produce more showers and storms highs will fall back into the 70’s.


BBQ meter for the holiday

saturday- don’t cancel

sunday- have it inside  

monday- wait and see, you might get lucky  


have fun this weekend and remember the troops. all images are off google.


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