tropical influence by the weekend


1. the answer to yesturday’s question B. today’s question: what will the weather be for my trip to the ballpark tommorow and hopefully my first chruch softball game of the year after two rainouts due to poor field condtions?? another sunny thursday is on tap with highs in the low to mid 80’s with low humidites.

2. friday and saturday should be dry with under a 20% storm chance as a few high clouds and some mositure from our infamous gulf system starts drifting in. highs will still be around 80.  you will also notice a frontal boundry, week over the great lakes as well.

00z nam above

3. the front will be present just north of us and plenty of tropical mositure will continue to stream in this will set the stage for more numerous showers and storms some of which with hvy tropical rains thanks to deep mositure source by sunday. these should be slow movers as well with a slow pattern and lack of winds. by saturday night our semitropical system should make landfall over new orleans and the gfs, nam and euro are locked in on a northward track which is favorable for the decent tropical moisture by the holiday.

18z gfs below

look at the low postion for next wednesday not good.

by may 30 at this point the low hasn’t moved in a week!

the euro brings in it slower by monday and takes it out by next thursday. my thinking is the low gets into our region later on sunday and hangs tough into the middle of the week, the gfs and it’s ensembles linger it longer we shall see.



thursday best day of all 83* sunny

friday-sat 20% storm and 80*

sun 40% storm, 50% at night 78*

mon-wed storms likely with locally hvy rain 70’s

enjoy tommorow!!! I certainly having been enjoying this nice stretch with walks around the block an reading outside!!


One Response to “tropical influence by the weekend”

  1. mitchg Says:

    unoffical high of 91* in cincinanti on thursday ( near ohio river) measured by car thermometer, may be high but not 11*F high. only low 80’s in most of ky including lexington. this all in part to soil mositure. see you all tommorow

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